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R380 5-Speed Gearbox

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The Land Rover R380 5-speed gearbox was introduced across the entire Land Rover and Range Rover product lines in 1991. The R380 is a drastically re-engineered LT77 Gearbox (After the loss of the LT85).

The Main improvements came in the form of the main shaft bearing arrangement. It is considered that this fix provided a much needed strengthening of the gearbox.

The V8 and Tdi R380 gearboxes have different bellhousings and primary input shafts, but in essence it is the same gearbox.

We can offer a reconditioning service .


R380 Gearboxes

The R380 gearboxes were the last development of the Land Rover gearbox by Rover before the Jaguar and Landrover divisions were sold - considered to be a more reliable gearbox, the R380 is a robust and reliable transmission unit. Below are some example of our recent R380 reconditions.

R380 gearbox reconditioned
Reconditioned Land rover R380 gearbox
R380 gearbox gearing assembly


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